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The Program - Introduction

Okay. You've read the disclaimer and all that nonsense and are ready to try to make a change...or you're at work and bored and shouldn't be looking at this. What's the next step?

Our non-patented, multi-step program may or may not help, but what the hell, why not at least try it?

The Program

Step 1 - General Advice is some basic information that all Nice Guys need to know. After reading the general advice, it's time to try and figure out...

Step 2 - Your Problem. Where exactly are you having difficulties dating?

Step 3 - One of the assumptions that I'm making is that you're not an idiot...clueless, possibly, but not an idiot, so you can figure out on your own what Solutions is about.

Finally, under Assumptions, I describe what, cleverly enough, I'm assuming about you and what you're looking for in a woman. If you're looking for a man, that's a perfectly valid lifestyle option and more power to you, but not an area I have any experience in. (By the way, I do not consider computers to be a valid lifestyle choice for anyone who I want to be around.)


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